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My Journey

The Beginning

I can vividly remember being over 300 pounds, sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting to discuss the option of gastric bypass. At this point I thought this was my only option, I would have never imagined I could possibly do it any other way. Until he asked me one thing… “what else have you tried?” So I started to rack my brain… what else had I tried? not much really, a few lame attempts at diets and/or eating right without any preparation or real enthusiasm… but the truth was… I had not tried “it all” I had not tried anything even close to what I knew was necessary before allowing someone to cut my body open and rearrange my organs only to follow with months of excruciating pain and recuperation… I knew I had to give this weight loss thing another shot… a real shot… I had to give it all I got… and that’s what I did… not immediately, not right away, not perfectly, not without bumps in the road, hurdles and hardships but I did it and here I am to tell you my story… 5 years later and 140+ pounds lighter.



September 25th 1996. I had just finished the best summer of my life. I was 15 going on 16, just days before my "sweet 16" birthday. I had just started going to High School. I was popular, had great friends and was dating one of the most popular guys in school. & then BOOM... no literally, BOOM! I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I was hospitalized for what seemed like forever but was only about a week or two, but the recovery that came after was the hardest few months of my life. I was homebound for the next year, during which I gained over 90lbs, 90lbs which turned into 140lbs over the next 5years as I grew isolated and depressed as the world's reflection of my appearance started to imprint on my soul. So I focused all my energy on school. The 5 years after that I learned to love myself "with fat" and still saw "pretty" no matter what other people's face showed in response to me.   But I knew I wasn't healthy and I knew I needed to make a change.



I will continue to add and update here, I'm not the best writer (the camera is my area lol) so this is an area I will build slowly.