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Where I Have Found My Motivation & Inspiration

My Motivators

* My Grandparents - who raised a woman with strength and courage and taught me to never give up.

* My Mother - without her NONE of this would be possible... her endless support and the shoulder I always needed . 

* Nkem Oweazim - My certified personal trainer, who found me at 275lbs and believed in me when very few others did. In addition, he has helped me through every plateau (and I've had some long ones believe me) while listening to countless hours of whining and complaining about being stuck or constantly questioning what I’m doing wrong. Not to mention, putting up with the daily cursing during our sessions for pushing me too hard (even though I love him for it) and for stressing that change doesn’t have to happen overnight.

He has been relentlessness in teaching me to focus on my form and that it doesn’t matter how heavy or fast you go; if you���re not doing it right, you can end up hurting yourself.  Finally, for his patience and ability to keep me from getting ahead of myself! We make a great team! 

 Contact: 516-668-2451 - - Instagram: @NKEMSWAY

* Dennis Andrade - My best friend, who's tough love talked me into believing I COULD do it

* Andrew Williams - Another certified personal trainer I have worked with for small group training classes.  Contact: 516-776-6661 - Instagram: @BodyByDrew
*Meylan Mark - for constantly reminding me I was and am beautiful regardless of my weight and for being one of the first people to troop it with me to the gym every damn day.
* Jen Petti - who opened my eyes to eating clean and how it was integral for weightloss.

*DianaDhanpal  - Who continuously motivates me and keeps me feeling "normal" she's one of the few people I personally know that goes as hard as me and EATS as clean as I do.  Instagram - @dianaaa_d

*All the people who told me to stop or that I couldn't do it

I will be adding to this area more detailed info as to how and why these people motivate me soon...